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The 17 Apocalyptic Prophecies

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The Bible reveals 17 distinct prophecies which form an incredibly beautiful and intricate story related to the time of the end. If you believe the Bible is living, active, and relevant to us today, then it is your duty to discover the truths that lie within! For many Christians, prophecy has become such a scary thing... an unknown, intimidating, and dusty corner of their Bibles. With so many private interpretations out there how can we know what God is really trying to tell us?
The answer is surprisingly simple. Let the Bible speak for itself.

In this study, we break down each of the 17 Apocalyptic Prophecies. How do they properly fit together while avoiding contradictions? How do they paint a greater picture of the revealing of Jesus Christ? Has God given us a measuring tool to guide our study? All of this and more as we consider this monumental topic!

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